Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 14, 1915: The Birds Stun The Braves In Beantown

     On May 14, 1915, the Cardinals found themselves trailing the Braves 4-0 at Fenway Park in Boston, before scoring five runs in the top of the ninth, which led to a 5-4 comeback win. The Cardinals were dominated for eight innings by hurler Tom Hughes who struck out  seven men and allowed just two hits, before a trio of errors and five singles led to his demise. The error that seem to cost the defending champs the most was made my Rabbit Maranville, who looked like he was going to end the game by turning a double play, but it ate him up, and the Redbird surge continued. Left fielder Ted Cather committed the other two errors in the disastrous inning that ended up handing the Cardinals an unlikely win.

I searched and searched and was not able to find an account of this ballgame that had the details of the five men who singled in the ninth. However, I enjoy a good comeback and I am sure you do as well, so while I am not sure how it came together I am glad it did as I sit here 100 years later. The beauty of a box score does tell me that first baseman Dots Miller figured into the rally. Miller led the team with two hits, and a pinch hitter by the name of Jack Roche knocked in two runs in the inning. Miller had a solid 12-year-career in the bigs, while Roche played in just 59 games between 1914 and 1917. However, Roche did hang around as a player in the minors until 1928.

Check out the box score here:

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