Thursday, October 9, 2014

October 9, 1964: The Birds Fly To The Big Apple

     The boys were off to New York on October 9, 1964, and Yankee Stadium was on the horizon. On this off day I am going to provide several articles that were printed in newspapers all across the country. After the Yankees had taken Game 2 in decisive fashion there were many who believed they were well on the way to another title. However, they were up against a team that may have been counted out all season long, and at no point did that team lie down. They continued to fight and those Bronx Bombers would have a fight on their hands within the walls of the House that Ruth built.

     In large part the newspapers focused on the pitching matchups, which is to be expected. The matchup for Game 3 had a 35-year-old lefty in Curt Simmons going for the Cardinals, while the Yankees countered with a 25-year-old in Jim Bouton. While the hurlers were separated by a decade on their birth certificates they were both coming off of 18 win seasons, and they were both ready to go head to head in front of more than 67,000 fans in New York.

     One little blurb I ran across on that off day was the Sporting News named Ken Boyer player of the year.  A well deserved honor, Ken led the National League with 119 RBIs. He led the team with 10 triples, as well as 24 home runs, and without his production we would not be talking about this historic World Series run. His contributions also landed a National League MVP Award on his shelf.

     If you have not already done so check out the Facebook page by clicking on the link below. I consider the author Kevin McCann a friend. Although, we have never met in person. We simply share a common bond that involves two birds on a bat. His upcoming book about Boyer will give you an in depth look into The Captain's life and career.

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