Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 1989: Pedro Guerrero Puts an Exclamation Point On a Rally In Wrigleyville

     On September 8, 1989, the Cardinals faced an uphill battle in Chicago, as the division leading Cubs built a 7-1 lead after four innings, before the Birds came storming back with a run in the fifth, four more in the seventh, then five more in the eighth, which led to a huge 11-8 victory. The capper on the comeback was a three run bomb off the bat of Pedro Guerrero that broke up an 8-8 deadlock in the eighth, and proved to be the decider in this one. Guerrero's three run shot was an exclamation point on a 4 for 4 day that ended with five RBIs for the Redbirds first baseman. It was also a spoiler for Chicago's Ryne Sandberg who had went 4 for 5 with two home runs, but could only sit there and watch as his club failed to hold onto what was once a very comfortable lead.

     That win  positioned the Cardinals on the heels of the Cubs, as they trailed them by just a half game after it was put in the books. However, that was as close as they would get as they stumbled through the final month of the season. With that said, Guerrero was a bright spot from that '89 campaign, as he hit .311, with 17 home runs, and 117 RBIs. He also led the league with 42 doubles, and with everything else combined he came in third in the MVP voting. Quite the year for the man who wore the number 28 on his back.

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