Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2001: A Tribute To Those Who Were Lost, and Remembering Jack Buck's Words That Followed

     On September 11, 2001, life changed forever. The world stopped in shock as terrorists claimed nearly 3,000 innocent lives by hijacking four planes, then crashing them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Pennsylvania. The days that followed were surreal, as it seemed like we were stuck in the continuous loop of footage documenting the horrible events. Everything stopped. However, we as Americans began to pick up the pieces, and began to move forward. It is what has to be done after a tragic event, and Jack Buck's heartfelt poem  that was delivered six days later let us all know that.

     Some of the most powerful words he delivered for me were "Should we be here? Yes." And we should be. While it is very important to continue to live our lives, it is also very important to never forget that day. I thought about posting a fact about a great win from yesteryear, but decided to pay tribute to those who were lost on 9/11 instead. This goes well beyond On This Day In Cardinal Nation, because this nation as a whole is all of ours.

     I like many of you can tell you right where I was when I heard the horrible news. In my case I was at a little gas station in Wildwood, Missouri. When I walked in to grab my breakfast the lady behind the counter asked if I had heard. I hadn't heard, and when I was told that two planes had crashed into the World Trade Center I did not realize how bad it was. I worked outside mowing grass at the time, so I did not have a tv in front of me, and I went about my day. As the news kept coming in on the radio I began to realize how bad it was. What I remember the most about that day was being in Chesterfield next to the airport with no planes in the air. It was an eery feeling. I did not see the footage until later that evening, and I was as shocked as everyone. It was surreal.

     Jack reminded us that we are a nation of resolve, and we would pick ourselves up and continue to live. He also reminded us that if a war is waged against us we will not lay down. We will stand together and fight. This was coming from a man that had served his country proudly, and had seen his fair share of conflict throughout his life. He believed it in his heart, and I believe it in mine today.

      My heart breaks for those who were lost, and for those that loved them. I hope and pray they have been able to move forward with their lives while keeping the memory of their loved one alive as well. I do believe that on a day like today we should make sure our armed forces, as well as our first responders know that what they do is very much appreciated. If you are a firefighter, police officer, or a soldier, I thank you. Those two words are not said to all of these men and women often enough.

God Bless America, and thank you for the words that were so eloquently spoken Jack. We will never forget.

The full 6 minute video with an introduction of law enforcement and firefighters can be viewed here;

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