Friday, August 15, 2014

One Man's Opinion About Being a Part of The Best Fans In Baseball

     I just saw someone refer to Mike Matheny as a cancer. When people refer to Cardinals fans as the best fans in baseball it is because we have a reputation as fans who understand and appreciate the game. When we see the opposition do something great on our home turf we will stand and applaud. It is an understanding and a love for the game as a whole. When I see someone refer to Matheny like that I think that fan is simply claiming to be one of the best fans in baseball, and that person has a lack of understanding that every manager wins and loses with his team. There is no doubt that Matheny has made some questionable decisions. The same can be said about every man who has ever filled out a lineup card. Matheny has managed the club to an LCS and a World Series, and the team is in the hunt once again. If he fails to be a model of perfection I think it is something that has to be accepted. There is no true model of perfection.

     Some would say Matheny inherited a team, which is simply not true. Just look at the turnover the roster has had since 2011. He inherited some pieces to a championship team. Every team, and every year is different. Calling Matheny a cancer because of an underperforming offense is simply pointing a finger at one person, rather than understanding that all successes, and failures are part of a team effort. Some of those fans truly believe he should be fired. I do understand not being onboard with every decision, but  that is so damn ridiculous. If Sam Breadon was still the owner they might get their wish, but that is not how the organization works these days, and I for one am glad that is the case. I guarantee you that one of the reasons that players enjoy playing in St. Louis is a stable atmosphere that starts with the manager.

     The unreal expectations of some fans to win the trophy every year is so ludicrous it makes me wonder if they understand reality. Some of the people who call themselves the best fans are actually the most spoiled fans. They lack the appreciation for the game that it takes to be truly the best. I often refer to the baseball season as the greatest roller coaster rides in the word of sports. Highs and lows are part of the deal. When you can understand that and accept it the game becomes that much more enjoyable. I preach that you should enjoy each and every year win or lose, because in reality it is another year in your life that you will not get back. Enjoy the ride.

     I am a fan of my favorite teams no matter what the final score is. I will not claim to have all the answers. I will voice my opinion, but at the end of the day every single person within those organizations will have my unequivocal support. That is a part of being one of the best fans.

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  1. I agree with the point this blog is trying to make. Sports is a lot like life, there are highs and there are lows, you cannot always expect a victory from your favorite team. Sometimes your team wins, and sometimes it doesn't. That's just how sports work.