Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30, 1941: Lon Warneke No-Hits The Reds

     On August 30, 1941, Lon Warneke became the fourth man in the history of the Cardinals organization to record a no-hitter. The historic outing took place at Crosley Field in Cincinnati before a crowd of 9,859 who chose to cheer Warneke on, as they realized they were witnessing one of the greatest performances they might ever see. From an arsenal of pitches that allowed him to dominate in various ways to a splendid defense that erased the only three men who reached with base with quick turns of a double play. The man who was dubbed the "Arkansas Hummingbird" after he was traded from the Cubs to the Cardinals in the Fall of '36 had everything working for him. The performance also catapulted the Cardinals into first place, however, that was a race they would lose as they battled the Brooklyn Dodgers down the stretch. With that said, Warneke's no-hit performance was one of the great highlights of 1941 for the club that won 97 games. One of those 97 had the words no-hitter attached to it. It would take 27 years for another Cardinal to throw a no-hitter, as Ray Washburn recorded the fifth in the history of the franchise in September of '68.

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