Wednesday, July 16, 2014

July 16, 1887: Comiskey Saves The Day

     On July 16, 1887, the Browns were up 1-0 on the visiting Philadelphia Athletics when mayhem ensued, as one of the horse drawn carriages that was tied up around the edge of Sportsman's Park broke free, and took off around the playing field, where player/manager Charlie Comiskey sprang into action, and ran the carriage down. The crowd cheered the first baseman as he had saved the carriage from being destroyed.

     The fans would continue to enjoy the afternoon as Comiskey's boys put one on the visitors by plating eight more runs on the way to a 9-2 victory. I loved the description of the game by the Baltimore American that came out the following day when they talked about pitcher Dave Foutz who pitched a fine game to Jack Boyle, while the catcher threw to the bases with marked success, as well as centerfielder Curt Welch who recorded the 1887 version of a web gem. It was quite the day at the ballpark, and after the fans shuffled out they had quite the story to tell. The Browns leader had saved the day, then made a fast dash to victory.

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