Friday, June 6, 2014

June 6, 1933: Another Riot In The Grand Ole Tale of Dizzy Dean

     On June 6, 1933, the Cardinals and the Reds celebrated "Ladies Day" in Cincinnati with a near riot before the ballgame, which included a fight with none other than good ole Dizzy Dean. The Cardinals hurler apparently got under the skin of Reds pitcher Paul Derringer so much that fists began to fly. One of the funnier accounts of the story said "The big Cincinnati pitcher then uncorked a right hand swing that may or may not have landed on Dean's eye." Before the game was in the books there were ejections, bottles flying, and police escorts for the umpires who were calling what turned out to be a 6-2 victory for the boys who wore the Birds on the Bat.

     Derringer had worn those same Birds on the Bat on Opening Day, but was shipped to Cincy as part of a package deal that brought Leo Durocher to the club. Before that trade was made, he had an outstanding 18-8 rookie season in '31, and was a huge part of the club that won a the National League Pennant, before winning the World Series. Dizzy Dean arrived in '32, and put together an 18 win season of his own, while Derringer's record fell to 11-14. It was said that the two players never did get along, and after the trade happened it that became very evident, as the two clubs were set to meet on that day in early June.  Derringer had said that Dean had been "riding the life out of me," and he could not take it anymore. The two players met midfield as the  two teams practiced before the game where Derringer asked Dean if he meant everything he was saying about him, and when Dean said he meant every word, Derringer swung. As mentioned before some said a fist landed on Dean's eye, while Dean himself refuted the claim, and he even asked the reporters if they seen any damage. The two pitchers were ejected before the game began, as the show went on, and quite a show it was.

     Wild Bill Hallahan, and Sylvester Johnson allowed just four hits to the Reds batters, while the Cardinals offense exploded for 16 hits as they rolled to victory. The offensive outburst was led by Ducky Medwick who went 4 for 5, with a home run, and three ribbies. With that said, the game was hardly the news of the day, as "Ladies Day" turned into an absolute raucous blast. The Cardinals rightfielder George Watkins was tossed in the fifth after arguing a call, then things seemed to settle down until the ninth when the acting manager of the Reds, Jewel Ens was tossed for arguing a call. Once he was tossed, bottles began to be tossed. One bottle hit Cardinals second baseman Burgess Whitehead, and fans in the stands began to duck for cover as they came pouring out of the upper deck at Redland Field. After Johnson recorded the last out that locked down a Cardinals win, the crowd continued to throw things, and berate the umpires as police escorted them off the field. Ladies Day had been a complete success.

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