Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 1954: Stan The Man on The Saturday Evening Post

     On May 1, 1954, Stan The Man Musial appeared on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post. The painting done by John Falter depicted the Cardinals legend signing autographs for a group of youngsters. Two of the children were native St. Louisans by the names of Bill Fassett and Michael Lane. Fassett appeared on the cover twice, once as the redhead, then again with black hair. Between the two of them, they received 40 autographs from the pen of Musial, and were excited about the possibility of reaping a great rewards when they sold them to classmates in school. Some fans quickly pointed out what they believed to be an error, as Musial was signing the autographs with his right hand. However, they were mistaken. While Musial hit from the left side, and threw from the left side, he used his right hand to write. When asked about it, Musial said "(Fans) seem to think I should be left handed all the way, and I remind them I am, except in writing and thinking." The original copy of the magazine was presented to the Commissioner of Baseball Ford C. Frick where it hung in his office. (Makes me wonder where that copy is today)

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